About Us

CovCell showcases infographics related to education,  technology used in education (edutech), creative ideas and inspiration for web design, and a lot more. We aim to bring the very best work to our audiences and offer the insights that enable you to keep up to date with the latest trends. Coven Cell is editor-in-chief, and over the last 15 years Coven has edited a number of print magazines and sites, and has written for many publications. Design is his passion, education is his job.

Covcell is also the name for a project backed by the European Union to evaluate, build up and present new programs for language education and studying in the Moodle platform that was done in 2005-2007.

Programs for Moodle make improvements to communications, include spontaneous communications, and offer additional methods and techniques for advanced language studying. The programs and modules are not kept up to date any longer yet still are being used by a handful of Moodle users.

Moodle actually is a totally free and fascinating software e-learning program system, also referred to as a Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment

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